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The Deutsche Bank Championship at The Players Club (TPC) in Norton MA Aug 23rd thru Sept 1st 2003.  TPC Norton is owned by the PGA and this new PGA event brings the PGA tour back to Massachusetts which has been absent since the Ryder Cup. TPC Norton has a 2 year contract for this event so it will be back next year.

The PGA officials and the Volunteers seem to have a massive Two-way radio set up at the event with almost everyone carrying a UHF HT1250 (rentals from Creative) with some people carrying two. Scoring folks seem to have VHF Sabers with PGA stickers on them.

The Event is live each day on Network TV with the first few days on USA Network and the last two on ABC.


Here is what Bill Dunn and I have heard so far:


451.0375R  D243 concessions?  
451.0875S  D265
451.2875S  D051
451.3875R  D546                          
451.6125S  D703   tip out
451.8375S  D174   (could possibly be a repeater note input but sure seemed simplex)
451.8625S  D132   Dispatch
452.0125R  D116
452.0500S  D223
452.1875S  100.0  Regular TPC Norton Channel
452.2125S  D351
452.3875R  D712   PGA Security ?    (457.3875in)
452.4125S  D423   Medical Ch  (used by FD as well)
452.4375S  D031
452.4750S  D047
452.5875R              Pritchard
452.6875R  D306
452.7375R  D743  Colonnade
453.5125R  D074  Fire
453.8625R  D351  Norton Fire
453.9875R  D351  Command   Police/Sheriff/FD PGA Security   458.9875in
456.1875S  D516
456.5250S  D606   Bars, Beer Stock Talk
456.5875S  D026
456.8375S  D174
457.0875S  D265   Drivers
457.1250S  D732
457.4750S  D047
457.5875S  D343
457.6875S  D306
461.1125S  D023   Transportation
461.1750S  D152   Scoring
461.5000S  D152   Group 35 done
461.7500S  D152   Green Side reports
462.0000S  D152
462.5000S  D152  Scoring
462.5625S  D132
464.5500S  D311
464.0375S  D114
464.7000S  79.9    Spanish speaking
464.7250S  79.9
464.7500S  79.9
464.8125S  D132
464.9250S  D152
464.9375S  D114   Sky Chalet
464.9750S  D152   Cases
468.2375S  D565
468.3375S  D047   TV spotters/scoring  breaking down cameras
468.4375S  D748
469.5500S  D311

Media  ABC/USA
450.0125R  British audio
450.1875R  Camera Cues   455.1875in
450.3875R  PL
450.4375R  Many RF Pl's     455.4375in
450.7152R Engineering  455.7125 79.7 in
450.9875S Data  455.9875 Data

Public Safety
867.8875R   Norton PD D114    * see 453.9875R above
856.5125R   I-TAC-1
868.0125R   I-TAC-4
453.8625R   Norton FD D351
453.9875R   Normally Fire F2 D351 but see above. Command Ch