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New Boston Police DPL codes  (so far..)   Discussion on ScanMass.net

Ch1 460.350R D315 Citywide-Events
Ch2 460.450R D331 Area A (Alpha) A-1 Downtown, A-15 Charlestown  and  A-7 (Gold) East Boston
Ch3 460.225R D343 Area B  B-2 (Bravo) Roxbury, B-3 (Charlie) Mattapan Area
Ch4 460.400R D346 Area E  E-5 (Echo) West Roxbury, E-13 (Jake) Jamaica Plain, E-18 (Lima) Hyde Park
Ch5 460.500R D351 Area D (Delta) D-4 Back Bay D-14 Brighton
Ch6 460.175R D364 Area C C-6 (Fox) South Boston C-11 (Harry) Dorchester
Ch7 460.300R D365 Car to Car, Car to Base
Ch8 460.125R D371 License Checks, Harry Base
Ch9 460.075R D411 Unit to Unit
Ch10 460.250R D412 Detectives
Ch11 460.375R   Detectives
Ch12 460.050R D464 Mobile Operations MOPS, Detectives
Ch13 460.150R D465 Detectives
Ch14 460.275R D466 InterAgency Ops
Ch15 460.475R DVP Command
Ch16 460.025R D506 Communications Division
  460.425R   was D423 not sure now
  460.200R   Was being tested with P25 traffic. Seems to now be abandoned may be because Nashua's MDT's

Each unit is assigned it's own call sign. The first part of the call sign is a phonetic letter that designates the part of the city or specialized unit.

The city is broken down into five areas, within each area are two or three districts.


Call sign            District #          Location/Unit   

Alpha                         1/15                     Downtown, Charlestown
Bravo                         2                          Roxbury
Charlie                       3                          Mattapan
Delta                          4                          South End, Back Bay
Echo                          5                          West Roxbury
Fox                             6                         South Boston
Gold                            7                        East Boston
Harry                         11                        Dorchester
Jake                          13                       Jamaica Plain
Kilo                           14                        Allston/Brighton
Lima                           8                        Hyde Park
Mike                                                      Special Events
Nova Base                                            Channel 8
Romeo                                                   Detail units on Central Artery project
Silver                                                      Services (mechanics, tow trucks, etc.)
Tango                                                    Special Operations
Victor                                                     Detectives
Yankee                                                  Administration