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New MEMA  VHF network

Each town in Massachusetts was given one radio which can be used bas or mobile. These Frequencies can be used to contact MEMA or for town to town interoperability. Note: MEMA still uses their talkgroups on the MSP's system  and their lowband channels for their own communication.

Ch 1 Plymouth          Region 2 Plymouth Pine Hill 154.085R 210.7
Ch 2 Andover           Region 1 Andover Holt Hill 153.965R D023
Ch 3 Sharon             Sharon Fire Tower 154.085R D023
Ch 4 Wachusett       Region 3 Wachusett Mountain 155.745R D023
Ch 5 Monterey         Southern Berkshire, Monterey 155.085R D023
Ch 6 Greylock          Region 4 Northern Berkshire, Mt Greylock         155.085R 225.7
Ch 7 Pelham 155.085R D023
Ch 8 MEMA 1D 153.965S 203.5
Ch 9 MEMA 2D 154.085S 210.7
Ch10 MEMA 3D 155.085 162.2
Ch11 MEMA 4D 155.745 100.0
Ch12 MEMA Statewide 155.955 100.0
Ch13 V-CALL 155.7525 156.7
Ch14 V-TAC 1 151.1375 156.7
Ch15 V-TAC 2 154.4525 156.7
Ch16 V-TAC 3 158.7375 156.7
Ch17 V-TAC 4 159.4725 156.7
Ch18 WX-1 162.550 CS
Ch19 WX-2 162.400 CS
Ch20 WX-3 162.475 CS
Ch21 WX-4 162.425 CS
Ch23 WX-5 162.450 CS
Ch24 WX-6 162.500 CS
Ch25 WX-7 162.525 CS