NH State Police
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NH State Police
The following was reprinted from a reply post to [sme2] by Scott Rice

The control point phone number is for NH SP. I think it was to be part of the Trunked system that never came about.This is what NH SP uses now. Troop F is in Bank B. I don't have a channel Plan for that. They use 152.630/157.870 D826. Remember D-826 is project-25 digital code not DPL.

Ch-## Frequency Code

Name Troop location

Ch-01 151.400/159.255 D826 Troop - A Epping
Ch-02 154.935/159.420 D826 Troop - B Milford
Ch-03 154.665/159.150 D826 Troop - C Keene
Ch-04 156.210/158.910 D826 Troop - D HQ Concord
Ch-05 151.325/159.315 D826 Troop - E Tamworth
Ch-06 155.910/155.910 136.5 LP-North Local Police Troop Back Up
Ch-07 156.090/156.090 136.5 LP-South Local Police Troop Back Up
Ch-08 155.475/155.475 136.5 Statewide Car to Car
Ch-09 159.315/159.315 D825 Talk - 01 Detail Units/Talkaround
Ch-10 159.465/159.465 D825 Fish & Game 2 Direct Statewide
Ch-11 151.340/159.345 D831 Fish & Game A Primary Repeater Kearsarge
Ch-12 151.340/159.345 D831 Fish & Game B Primary Repeater Mt Washington
Ch-13 151.340/159.345 D831 Fish & Game C Primary Repeater Highland
Ch-14 151.340/159.345 D831 Fish & Game D Primary Repeater Moose
Ch-15 151.340/159.345 D831 Fish & Game E Primary Repeater Blue Job
Ch-16 151.340/159.345 D831 Fish & Game F Primary Repeater Pack

Scott C Rice N1PJZ WPQC792 KAE6884
Chester NH

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