National Park Service Boston    Info compiled from posts made by Bill Dunn and KennyBlues on Scan-Mass-East

164.4250 Mhz Repeater CSQ 
National Park Service - Concord, sometimes get's interference from the USCG LANT Channels as the input is 163.1750 Mhz
166.7750 Mhz Ch.01 D-532
National Park Service - Boston
166.9500 Mhz Ch.02 Repeater 141.3 Hz  (167.95in)
National Park Service - Boston
166.9500 Mhz Ch.01 151.4 Hz [Unconfirmed Repeater]
166.3500 Mhz 151.4 Hz
166.0000 Mhz 151.4 Hz
National Park Service - Lowell
164.1750 Mhz Ch.01 151.4 Hz
170.5750 Mhz Ch.02 151.4 Hz
171.9750 Mhz Ch.03 151.4 Hz
166.7750 Mhz Ch.04 D-532  [Tie to NPS Boston]
166.9500 Mhz Ch.05 141.3 Hz [Tie to NPS Law Enforcement]
USS Constitution - Boston
Quincy has radios, but never heard them. Might be on Boston as they
look VHF Highband
418.0750 Mhz D-025 Simplex
National Archives & Records Administration
Most of this info was compiled by posts made by Bill N1KUG in Scan-Mass-East