NEMLEC  North East Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council

48x.xxxxR                        TAC 1   Local Channel 
482.6875R    WIE530   TAC 2   Regional Emergency    146.2   (485.6875 Input)
482.6375R    KYL886   TAC 3   Regional Adm./Detectives   146.2 (485.6375 Input)
482.3875R*  KYL884   TAC 4  *Simplex now but pending repeater license in Chelmsford with (485.3875 becoming input) 146.2
484.425R     WPLW505 WPLX350 WPLX352  Future Regional Repeater   


The North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC) is a consortium of 30 police chiefs representing law enforcement agencies from communities in Middlesex and Essex Counties located in Northeastern Massachusetts.

The Council is a non-profit corporation formed in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 180 and operates under an interagency mutual aid and assistance (compact) agreement.

As part of the NEMLEC Compact Agreement, each member police chief commits the resources of their law enforcement agency to assist other member agencies in an effort to increase and improve their capabilities to provide protection of life and property thereby preserving the safety and welfare of the region.

This commitment is further embodied in the NEMLEC Mission Statement which reads as follows:


The North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council

is committed to providing the highest quality of support and

supplemental public safety services to its police chiefs through

a regional partnership of member communities.


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