National Grid

South:  (from Bill Smith)

National Grid's Bay State South Channel assignments. We have redistricted. Quincy and Brockton through Fall River and Attleboro are now Bay State South. Fall River is now Somerset with the construction of our new office there.  Somerset and Attleboro for now remain on:
48.12 T&D South          (TX in Cumberland RI and Fall River)
48.42 Meter                 (TX in Fall River and Cumberland RI)
47.86 Somerset Storm (TX in Somerset)
48.60 Wires Down        (TX in Somerset)
48.48                              (TX in Fall Piver)
The splitting of the old South East district into two and using Storm and Wires down for the Somerset/Attleboro is temporarily on hold.
Look for some low band repeaters to show up in the Western Mass/ Lebanon NH  National Grid territory

Quincy/Brockton are :
451.150 T&D
451.075 Meter
451.375 Dispatch
451.525 Storm ( All 4 have Main TX in Quincy, backup TX in Brockton)
451.175 South Shore Reserve (TX in W Bridgewater)  Currently repeating 456.150 traffic  All PL's are 203.5
451.175 may temporarily be moved back to Somerset and become a crossband from 48.12 If my plan goes through.

48.060  PL 100.0 Cross band repeater (when I finish repairing it) from T&D talkgroup on North Shore 800 system from Salem Harbor site. Currently repeating onto low band only at 25 watts out.  It talks pretty good.