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from: http://www.channel4000.com/msp/news/stories/news-141756020020425-050433.html?tml=msp_7am&ts=T&tmi=msp_7am_3381_07000104252002

Police Radio Hacker Gets Jail Time

Burnsville Man To Serve Four Months For Talking On Emergency Frequencies

A Burnsville man who hacked into emergency radio frequency and gave false reports will spend four months in jail.

Aaron Goldberg, 32, broke into several police frequencies with his voice, at one point telling Minneapolis police that there was an officer shot, at another pretending to be an officer who was shot and offering locations in both cases.

Police eventually tracked him down in February 2001 after two years of activity after being spotted and overheard talking on the air at the scene of an ambulance call in Burnsville.

He initially faced felony charges and ended up pleading guilty to obstructing the legal process by interfering with official radio transmissions.

He was also sentenced to two months of home detention and ordered to not use radios or software to listen to emergency frequencies.

Goldberg told detectives a friend had given him a radio altered to transmit on police frequencies. It's not illegal to make such alterations -- but it is illegal to use them to transmit on police frequencies.


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