Official Lynn Fire frequencies are now as follows:
            *  Channel 1            (Dispatch)                   153.800 MHz             p/l:  79.7
            *  Channel 2            (Operations)               154.415 MHz             p/l:  74.4
            *  Channel 4            (Alt. Operations)         153.830 MHz             p/l:  74.4
 All dispatching and communications between apparatus and Fire Alarm (including EMS) will be via Channel 1.  Responding Mutual Aid Apparatus will communicate with Fire Alarm on Ch. 1 while responding to their cover assignment and when responding to subsequent alarms while covering.
 Primary fireground operations will be conducted on Channel 2.  Mutual Aid Apparatus which responds to a fire scene will utilize Channel 2 upon arrival to communicate with the Incident Commander or other companies at the scene.
 Channel 4 (old universal fireground frequency) will be used as an additional channel in the event of a mass casualty incident, multiple incidents in the city, evacuation/collapse, (ie Accountability Level III).
Peter G. Sturgis